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We’re taking a rest in 2019! BBQ Cook-Off entries for 2020 open next January!

(See past results here … 2018 Comp2017 Comp2016 Comp or 2015 Comp results here…)

Almost everyone has a secret specialty barbeque dish they love to cook up for friends. This is your chance to show yours off and see how it really compares!

WILL SELL OUT! Enter the 2020 BBQ Cook-Off!

Entry Fees from just $178 per team of 4, and you get free entry to the Festival!

 2020 BBQ Team Entry Fee from $178

Anyone can enter, and everyone is in for a shot at the title: Firebrand BBQ Grand Champion!

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BBQ Cookoff2018 Firebrand Grand Champion $1500 Prize!

From just $148 entry fee for a team of 4 (about the same as buying 3 single tickets) you can bring your best recipes and compete in any of 4 Categories: (please be familiar with the standard ABA Rules)

 4 Meat Categories

  • Pork Ribs (always a favourite)
  • Beef (Brisket is most common)
  • Pork (Often shoulder for pulled pork)
  • Chicken (Legs, wings or tenders are easy)

100% of entry fees will be returned in prize money! Plus, if you cook your barbecue on the oval with the general public, you’ll have the opportunity to share your barbecue with patrons in tasting plates. When you do that, you’re helping us raise much needed funds for our local Arts & Cultural Initiatives and so we’re happy to offer you a discounted rate of $148 on your team entry fees.

Register-Button-SmlRegister your interest now for a full set of BBQ Competition Rules & Guidelines.

This is an ABA Sanctioned Championship Event (Australasian Barbecue Alliance). When you register to the right, we’ll email you a list of the Rules and Regulations for the Championship event and will call you to discuss how you can best fit into the event.

Grand Champion First Prize $1500!

All competitors are in the running to be named the prestigious Bangalow BBQ Grand Champion! (Guaranteed first prize of $1500!) As this is an ABA sanctioned event, there is a difference in the requirements and the standards of judging.

  • Quantity – You will be judged in each category you wish to enter in a double blind system where no chance of collusion or influence is present. Your minimum quantity of barbecue will be a plate of 6 servings presented in unidentifiable boxes. Any extra barbecue you might have, we’d love for you to share with our patrons in tasting plates, which they will buy separately in another location after donating $10 to charity. In return for helping us to raise funds for charity, we’ll offer you a reduced entry fee of $148. If you do not wish to interact with the public in any way, you are welcome to situate your barbecue in a quiet location and you will pay the full fee of $250 entry fee.
  • Judging Dishes – Hand in times for each category will be made very clear. At each hand in time, your 6 best servings will be plated up and delivered to our Official Judges Table for scoring. You may hand in an entry plate in as many categories as you wish. Grand Champions have traditionally been winners in multiple categories truly earning the title.
  • Heat Source – To qualify for the competition, you must use wood or charcoal as a heat source – no gas bottles or electricity. However if you’re just out for a fun day with your mates, as many competitors were last year, you may cook with anything you like to share plates with the public.
  • Overnight – You will be allowed to camp out on site to tend your pits overnight for 12-18hrs cooking. Campsites are limited, and there are many local B&Bs within a short walk of the Showgrounds.
  • Rules – You will receive a detailed list of Rules & Guidelines via email upon registration.
  • Meat Supply – You may bring your preferred meat product, but  you must adhere to Food Safety protocols that ensure that the meat is transported and delivered on site in a temperature controlled Food Safety compliant fashion. (transported at temperature <5c at all times, esky with ice or refrigeration, guidelines to clarify)
  • People’s Choice Voting Forms – These allow patrons to taste your barbecue for a donation to charity. These votes do not go towards your Grand Champion points score. This is simply a fun way for us to engage the community in our great love of barbecue!

Competition barbecue is a very fun sport, and it’s all about the one very best plate of BBQ you can produce. However in our region it’s still a very little known or understood food class. So we ask you to please share as many plates with patrons as you can comfortably accommodate because we really want to engage our guests in the passion and love that is good BBQ, and there’s no one better to inspire others than you.

So please work with us to help promote the great amateur sport that is the pursuit of great BBQ in Australia.

The Entry Fee is  just $178 for a team of 4 (on-oval, or $278 off-oval), and you can enter as many of our 4 BBQ Categories as you like:

  • Ribs (always a favourite)
  • Beef (Brisket is most common)
  • Pork (Often shoulder for pulled pork)
  • Chicken (Legs, wings or tenders are easy)

100% of entry fees will be returned in prize money!Register-Button-Sml
Register your interest now for a full set of ABA Championship BBQ Competition Rules & Guidelines.

Get involved today! Just imagine how fun it will be hanging with your mates in an oval full of other BBQ lovers while the sweet pure sounds of Bluegrass float from the stage? And all the proceeds got to support local Arts and Cultural initiatives. What’s not to like about that!

Help us build a great annual community event by entering the BBQ Competition. Just $178 for a team of four, and you get free entry to the Festival!

BBQ Entry Fee from $178 per team of 4

Register to Learn More About Cook-Off

Register your interest today and we’ll send you the full Rules & Regulations by email.

Register to Learn More About Cook-Off!

Register your interest today and we’ll send you the full Rules & Regulations by email.