Saturday 29th August, 2020 | 10am – 5pm, Bangalow Showgrounds | Get Map Directions!

Raising Much Needed Arts Funding

Ok, this isn’t a token fundraiser. This is real. Go straight to any teacher in your school tomorrow and ask this very important question:

Ask specifically: What is your in-class
materials/resources budget this year?

Now take that number and divide it by 30 (average class size). That’s how much is spent on arts supplies for your child in class every year.

In some schools in our local community that figure is only $10 per child per year! Some schools are 3 times that. One school in our area is 10 times that. And the $10 schools are not the ones you might think!

Go to the local stationer – you can hardly buy a ream of paper and a glue stick for a mere $10! Doesn’t make sense, does it? All that artwork comes home from school all year, so who pays for it? You can be pretty sure it’s not from the state or federal budgets! The problem is Art in class simply costs more than $10 per child per year to provide the bare minimum, and the teachers are often the ones paying for extras out of their own pocket. Either that or a few dedicated parents who happen upon the issue.

The imbalance is only getting worse, but the good news is, it’s a problem that’s easy to solve. So let’s start talking about it, and let’s get to work!

“Why?” you may well ask. What’s the benefit of Arts in schools? Surely our kids are just there for reading and maths? Well, no. Time and time again it’s been proven how critical arts and imagination are to children’s developmental learning. Just read a few of these articles to find out why… Google Search: Arts in Schools

Here are just a few of the recognised benefits of Arts and creative activities in class: improved motor skills, language development, decision making, visual learning, inventiveness, cultural awareness, improved reading and maths performance.

Take the opportunity to get involved with this issue in your school.

Register your school to host a Kids Games Stall!

This is practically the easiest money your school will ever make. We’ll provide the grounds. We’ll handle the crowds. We’ll sort the food and drink and ensure it’s high quality. All you have to do is think up some really fun Kids Games and bring a market tent if you need it! And if you can rustle up donations for your prizes, all the income will be cream.


  • Rules: All games have to be $2 or less. That makes it friendly on the family pocket book. No other rules, bar common sense safety considerations. (All games will be reviewed and approved.)
  • Creativity: At just $2 per game, the best and most alluring games will make the most money for their school’s Arts budget. Try and think of games that kids will want to play several times.
  • Take home: The best stalls could take home over $1000 on the day! (More if we do a good job of rustling up more corporate sponsorship!)

But you’ve got to get in quick! We’re only accepting 7 Kids Games Stalls maximum this year. That’s basically all the public schools within 15-20klms of Bangalow, but it’s first in best dressed as far as we’re concerned. Register on behalf of your school today. You do not need to be a member of your P&C, but it is sensible if they’re involved.

The only thing we ask is that you make a firm commitment to dedicating these funds to Arts in your school, and preferably to in-class teacher resources. We really do believe in putting funding directly with the people on the ground who can do the most good with it.

We look forward to welcoming your school community to the Bangalow Showgrounds in August!

Register Your School Today!

Register your School’s interest in running a Kids Games Stall today. It’s a great opportunity to raise much needed Arts funding for your school.